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Webseries: Breaking the 9-5

There are so many ways to be successful. A structured corporate job in an elegant, high-rise office may be a common portrait of success, but by no means defines nor guarantees it.

At it’s core, Sigma aims to showcase innovative ways to be a successful leader.

Tech travelpreneurs – heard of them? They’re lauded as the “new rich” — a rich that centers on the wealth of experiences, freedom, and knowledge rather than on material items. The tech travelpreneur portrait of success is gaining traction, especially among millennials.

These are the people who have freed themselves from the corporate 9-5 to be their own boss and reside where they please, traveling the world and spending time with the ones they love. The ones who are leveraging technological know-how and an entrepreneurial mindset to live their dream life instead of entering into the rat race.

The travelpreneur lifestyle is one way to create profound impact and hone your leadership abilities while deviating from the norm. Plus, it comes with a number of proclaimed benefits –freedom, flexibility, a sense of adventure.

But what would this life actually be like and is it really as good as it sounds?

In the next few months, Sigma Co-Founder Talia Haller will be traveling around the United States, Mexico, and Canada to get an inside look at the lives of uber-successful travelpreneurs. We’ll be sharing her insights here in a web series, “Breaking the 9-5.”

Talia will be talking to CEO’s, Founders, and other prominent figures:

  • How did they get their start and what exactly are they doing?

  • How often, when, and where do they work?

  • How long did it take them to start seeing financial returns from their businesses?

  • How much money do they need to live their dream life?

  • What motivates them?

  • What is their advice to people interested in transitioning to their lifestyle? What are the must-knows?

  • How do they hack the system? What credit cards, apps, and systems do they use to find the best deals?

  • How do they meet people in new places? How do they find clients?