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Sigma Leadership Co-Founders on Women Empowerment

We believe many women empowerment opportunities have focused solely on women. While those efforts are building women up, we believe there is an incredible opening to spread women empowerment to both men and women by actively working to provide the next generation with strong female role models.

We are not interested in criticizing males or making women empowerment a one-sided conversation. Rather, it is our core belief that one of the best ways to spread women empowerment to men is by providing young men with examples of successful females who excel in all fields, from design work to technology to business development.

We aim to show rather than tell. Sigma’s Annual Leadership Conference has  no sessions specifically focused on women empowerment. Instead, we open the door to mentorship opportunities and spread women empowerment by showcasing successful women in business, finance, and tech; and giving all students – both male and female – more women role models to look up too.

The conference provides a platform for ambitious, successful women to share their stories and  insight on various business-related topics while transferring valuable technology and finance skills to younger students of any and all genders and ethnicities.