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High School Student Turns Passion Into Successful Eyelash Business

Andrea Monteclaro, a senior at Franklin High School in South Seattle, is the perfect example of someone who turned something she loved doing into an excellent business opportunity. Andrea currently runs an eyelash business from her home in South Seattle. She’s booked everyday, Monday through Sunday, and sees a tremendous return on her initial investment […] Read more »

Sigma Leadership Co-Founders on Women Empowerment

We believe many women empowerment opportunities have focused solely on women. While those efforts are building women up, we believe there is an incredible opening to spread women empowerment to both men and women by actively working to provide the next generation with strong female role models. We are not interested in criticizing¬†males or making […] Read more »

Breaking the 9-5: Mikey Peres

Content coming soon! Read more »

Webseries: Breaking the 9-5

There are so many ways to be successful. A structured corporate job in an elegant, high-rise office may be a common portrait of success, but by no means defines nor guarantees it. At it’s core, Sigma aims to showcase innovative ways to be a successful leader. Tech travelpreneurs – heard of them? They’re lauded as […] Read more »