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Chelsea Cooper

Keynote Speaker

Co-chair of Women’s Impact Network at Starbucks

Chelsea Cooper is the co-chair of the Women’s Impact Network at Starbucks. In 2017 & 2018, she managed Women’s History Month, focusing on educational seminars that delivered actionable skills. As co-chair, she contributes to projects designed to empower both women and men at Starbucks, such as improving parental leave policies and providing mentoring programs for women. She is also a partner resources associate for Starbucks’ Finance organization, focusing on early in career talent. This role allows her to make a significant impact on current and graduating students, helping them find their way professionally. Before Starbucks, she spent over ten years in marketing, event management, and project management for organizations like the Seattle/King County Clinic and Optum. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from UCLA, where she studied gender issues, religion, and the dynamics of large groups and events. In her free time, she teaches professional development classes for Jubilee Women’s Center and volunteers at the Seattle Aquarium.